Interior / Exterior Colour Trend Predictions 2022

It’s that time of year again where the predicted colour of the year becomes a hot topic of debate! This year the choices have been slightly more consistent as many of the big paint brands have continued along the lines of nature inspired tones.

The main colour predicted to be strong throughout 2022 is Green, particularly with soft, pale tones seen in various shades from grayish Sage to slightly more Pistachio, creating colour confident spaces that are both grounded and relaxing.

Whilst green is not new to interiors, these colours are well received, safe, uplifting and comforting. They represent organic qualities, nature, growth and new beginnings.

Soft Greens such as Sage can be easily incorporated into your living environment and go well with most things, especially soft whites, other botanical shades, natural woods and linens. From paint and wall papers through to soft furnishings and accessories, soft Greens help to create an effortless connection and flow between inside and outside spaces. They can also be combined with slightly darker tones and subtle metallics such as gold for a more sophisticated look.

Green is a very versatile colour which can be both neutral and bold at the same time, and can be used anywhere within the property both internally and externally.

In contrast to the soft greens, the Pantone colour for 2022 is Very Peri which is a brand new colour created by the Pantone Color Institute to symbolise the ‘transformative times’ we are living in. With a combination of cool and warm tones, described as a vibrant shade of Periwinkle Blue with energizing Violet-Red undertones this colour encourages creativity, courage and energy.

Very Peri is a colour to have fun and be creative with. When painting walls, due to its boldness it may be better suited for use on an accent wall, or for larger spaces a softer shade of the hue could be used. Soft furnishings and accessories are a good, cost effective way of incorporating the colour into your property, or the use of botanical prints which incorporate the shade into their design. Very Peri can work well with soft Sage Greens when used in this way.

In addition to the soft greens and vibrant blue/violet shades, calming neutrals like School House White are predicted to remain a popular choice. Earthy colours such as light, airy browns, yellow and pale, powdery blues will also continue to be seen in both interior and exterior spaces. These colours reflect wellness, sustainability, comfort and calm.

Incorporating colour(s) into your space(s) can be done easily and cost effectively using accent furniture pieces, soft furnishings such as throws and cushions, accessories, artwork and plants. If you work with a neutral base for large surface areas such as walls and floors, colours and textures can be easily introduced to inject interest and atmosphere into a room, and simply changed or updated at a later date if necessary. This is a good starting point for those who fancy experimenting with colour without the expense and hassle of repainting entire rooms or walls!

If you are thinking about incorporating colour into your space be brave, have fun and use the colours and tones that make you feel good!!

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